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Book more meetings than you

thought possible.

Driving sales in one of two ways

Becoming your outbound sales team

Our team will test and build sales and email scripts so that we can have the most effective message going out to your prospects.

We'll handle all of the prospecting by tapping into our database of over 300 million business contacts and finding the right ones you want to speak with.

We'll then handle all of the cold calling and cold emailing, find those that are interested in your offering and book a time for you two to meet!

Building you a stellar outbound system

Sales agencies don't make sense for everyone, but everyone can use more sales. That's why we help organizations build out new systems and implement new software to solve their revenue generation issues.

We come in and get a deep understanding of the business and the problems you're facing in acquiring leads and driving revenue. 

We then implement new software systems for cold calling and emailing to produce a constant flow of sales meetings on a monthly basis for a fraction of the cost of any outsourced method on the market.

Just some of the meetings we've booked for our clients

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Our Outreach Methods

Cold Emailing

We'll create a series of emailing domains on your behalf, warm them up, and reach out to your prospects for you!​

Cold Calling

We'll develop and test cold call scripts and reach out to key decision makers in your target market

Schedule a Consultation

Let us take a look into what you're doing now. We'll give any advice and if it looks like it might a be good fit to work together we'll let you know all the details of how we engage with our clients.

See what Clients are saying..

Rick Howard profile photo.jpeg

Rick Howard

CEO at

Kyle and his team are the hands down best sales team I've ever worked with! In 1 month I had more booked calls with company decision makers than I had time to take. Kyle is professional, driven and smart. I highly recommend him and his team!!

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